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The Scoop on Your Dog’s Poop

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I might not be a Purina lover but I found that this article is something that all pet owners should understand.

Personalized dog food brand Just Right® by Purina® is encouraging dog owners to take a closer look at their dog’s poop in an effort to understand more about his overall health and potentially help prevent some health issues down the road. Based on the shape, color and consistency of a dog’s stool, pet owners may need to talk to their veterinarian.

(PRNewsfoto/Just Right by Purina)

While most pet owners try to scoop and dispose of our dog’s waste as quickly as possible, they can learn a lot by doing a quick evaluation before tossing it in the trash. If a dog’s stool is anything but chocolate brown in color, it could be an indication of larger, more serious internal problems.

Here are some guidelines to consider:

  • Green dog poop could be a sign of excessive grass consumed or a gall bladder issue
  • Orange dog poop or yellow dog poop may be a sign of a biliary or liver issue
  • Red streaks in dog poop could be a sign of blood and owners should check for cuts
  • Black and tarry dog poop could indicate bleeding in the upper GI tract
  • Grey and greasy dog poop may be a sign of pancreas or biliary issue
  • White spots in dog poop could indicate the presence of tapeworms

(PRNewsfoto/Just Right by Purina)

Just Right by Purina uses information including a dog’s stool consistency to help identify the right personalized pet food blend for its customers. By gathering information about a dog’s size, habits, health and taste preferences from the person who knows him best – his owner – Just Right by Purina builds his ideal blend and tailors feeding instructions to each individual pet, then ships the food directly to consumers for a seamless shopping experience.

“The Just Right team goes to great lengths to provide each dog with the best tailored blend,” said Sean Boland, director of marketing for Just Right by Purina. “Our goal is to take our expertise in nutrition and the pet owner’s expertise in their unique dog and combine them to create the right food to meet the individual needs and preferences of the dog.”

Visit to learn more about personalized dog food from Just Right by Purina and for information on a variety of hot pet topics. Just Right by Purina is also active on Facebook (, YouTube (, Instagram ( and Twitter (


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