PEEPS Popcorn Balls Made With The Little Kernel


Howdy, everyone! I hope you are having a beautiful day. Today I wanted to share another colorful and perfect little snack just in time for Easter using a product that is new to me and a family favorite. The Little Kernel is a better-for-you “miniature” popcorn brand featuring a unique, hull-less kernel. I just fell in love with these delish popcorn varieties over the weekend and had to share a little recipe but trust me The Little Kernel really does not need any help when it comes to flavor.

PEEPS Popcorn Balls


The Little Kernel comes in a variety of spring-friendly flavors, including Truffle Sea Salt, Sweet & Salty, and Pink Himalayan Salt. Even better, each popcorn is popped with 100% pure olive oil, gluten-free, non-GMO, dairy-free, kosher and certified whole grain. ($3.49 @ These are the perfect addition to your Easter treats this year and how about adding a classic to the mix.

PEEPS Popcorn Balls

PEEPS I must say have always been a family favorite around here. In fact, my father can’t get enough of them. So I wanted to share something that could be added to your baskets that is not only simple but tasty. Nobody has time for elaborate treats so let me show you how I made these.

I simply picked my favorite flavor/color when it comes to the PEEPS. I poped three of the PEEPS in the microwave for 30 seconds (this may vary when it comes to your microwave).

Next, I added The Little Kernel Truffle Sea Salt which just has a beautiful, simple flavor. The Sweet & Salty worked perfectly as did the Pink Himalayan Salt (which I am a huge fan of). I added about two handfuls of the popcorn.

Lastly, take a fork and very gently toss the popcorn in the PEEPS. I added a couple of sprinkles because I am just in love with sprinkles and they make everything just beautiful, right? I poped these in the fridge for about five minutes just to make sure they were set back up. That was it. Not only are they tasty but they also are beautiful for Easter because of all the color.


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