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Ladies And Gentleman Start Your Grills With The Long-Burning Briquets

By 2 m read

Howdy, everyone! I hope that you all are having a beautiful day. I have started another venture in life, so postings will not be as frequent, but I am still here trying out products. The other day I had a chance to check out the new Long Burning Briquets from Kingsford.¬†This year, Kingsford launched new Long-Burning Briquets, designed to keep backyard barbecues burning 25% longer than ever before. Long-Burning …

True Lemon Seasoning & Drink Mix For Every Dorm Room

By 2 m read

True Lemon has always been in my pantry because well frankly, it has a wonderful taste. I love all of their flavors and the fact that they offer seasonings as well is why I think this is the perfect addition to any dorm room this semester. You might not have noticed but True Lemon offers a huge variety when it comes to flavoring water which is the biggest use for …

Cozy Up With The NorthWest

By 2 m read

Howdy, everyone! I hope that you all are having a beautiful week so far. As most of you know that have been with my blog for any amount of time I am all about comfort and ease when it comes to food or home items. This week I am going to be sharing a couple of the perfect snacks and dorm items that are perfect to get cozy and feel …

Summer Fun In The River With Dial-A-Distance

By 2 m read


Woza! This afternoon was so much fun. The dogs and I headed to the river for a much needed little break from the heat. Ricky and I have always enjoyed going swimming, but this is the first real time that Ike the pup had spent more than 10 minutes in the water. He is still learning to swim and get frightened if I am far away but …

Heading To Remote Locations This Summer? Let BUILT NY Keep Your beverages cool

By 3 m read

Howdy, everyone! Today I wanted to share a couple of products perfect for picnics and just having fun in the great outdoors this summer. I know that I enjoy getting outside and doing things because the winters here in the mountains are long and cold. BUILT NY is one of those brands that I continue to enjoy even when I am not posting about them. I have put together three …