Modern Style Meets Country With Viio


I am one of those people that just adores any modern styled home, yet I can never seem to get my husband on board. So we compromise trying to mesh the two styles perfectly in our home. My husband and I both love antiques, and a country styled home, but he just can’t seem to embrace a modern style. So this week I would like to show you how I have managed to embrace both styles effortlessly within my tiny home in the mountains, like the Viio Mirror.


Throughout our home, you can find little pieces of me and my modern touches, but when it comes to the bedroom, this is an area that I love. Recently we had to put on an addition since my father in law came to live with us. So I inherited the addition and chose each piece carefully.

If you are struggling to mesh a modern style with country, I suggest keeping items in your home white (or off white). When you think of a modern style, you mostly think clean whites with touches of vibrant colors. You can pull this off with your home as well using simple techniques.

Tips For Adding A Modern Style To A Country Home:

  1. Make your furniture light colors. I opted for a bedroom suit that was a white wash giving the room a clean look.
  2. Add decorative elements that add color. Adding colorful throw pillows can add a touch of modern to any home. Maybe look for geometric patterns.
  3. Add pictures or large metal signs can help to bring modern to a country home. Below you will see a sign that I have in my room. It says “Bakery” and is a metal sign I picked up locally. This still keeps in line with a country styled home but gives it a little bit of an industrial look as well.
Sorry about the Windex. I am getting to the big point of this posting the Viio Mirror. Hence the windex.


Adding The Viio Mirror To Your Home

When meshing two styles in a home you have to be extremely careful not to just create an atmosphere that is confusing to the eyes. Recently, I had the chance to check out a Viio Mirror which I have been eyeballing since its release on the market. The problem that I had with this is that I thought it would look just out of place in my home. After looking at their site every picture had this mirror in a modern style home, and it looked beautiful, but how would it look in my home?

Firstly, let me tell you a bit about the Viio Mirrors. They are actually Bluetooth enabled so not only can you listen to your favorite tunes while getting ready to conquer the day but you also have built-in lighting so that you can pamper yourself flawlessly in the perfect light. There are two speakers located on each side of the mirror, and the on/off switch is on the bottom of the mirror.


Setting up your new Viio Mirror is actually super simple, and I did this by myself. Everything is ready to go right out of the box, so no worries putting anything together. You simply find the best place for the mirror (you could even use this in your bathroom because it is fog resistant at the push of a button) and connect your Bluetooth device. Easy right? The hardest thing for me was finding that perfect space for the Viio Mirror.


Being able to play my favorite tunes while getting ready is awesome! I don’t have any speakers in the bedroom yet to this has really come in handy. Not to mention the lighted mirror itself. My bedroom or what I like to call “cave of happiness” is relatively dark making it super hard to get my makeup on perfectly. The lighting in the Viio Mirror helps out tremendously.


Charging the mirror can be done two ways. You can either use the permanent cord, or you can use the battery. The battery has about a six-hour life. I ended up using a permanent cord so that I don’t have to fool with remembering to charge the mirror.

I just adore this mirror, and it is totally perfect to create a beautiful environment to get ready to conquer the day or get ready for a night out on the town.


If you are looking to mesh your country home with elements such as the Viio Mirror, I would suggest taking time to plan out the space so that you are working everything into your home. The Viio mirror is the perfect modern touch and you should be able to flawlessly incorperate it into your home. You can check out the entire line of Viio Mirrors online, and I bet you will find one that you love.


In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.

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