The LG G6: The Perfect Phone For An Active Lifestyle


Howdy, everyone! I hope that you all are having a great week? On March 30th, 2017 the new LG G6 started hitting the hands of buyers from Verizon, and I actually had a chance to check this baby out. As most of you know, I am very brand loyal when it comes to Verizon and what they offer because of the amazing strides they have made to give you the data you want and the products you need.


The LG G6 Screen & Body

What really had me fascinated about the LG G6 was the fact that it has a 5.7-inch screen yet it is supposed to be comfortable to use and still fit in your hand. I am one of the people that love a big screen on my phone and my daily phone is an iPhone 6s PLUS but honestly, it is not my favorite phone in the world because it is just awkward. The iPhone 6s PLUS has a 5.5-inch screen, so the LG G6 is actually bigger when it comes to the screen size.

The G6’s large screen and Verizon Unlimited make it easier than ever to review and edit photos before you share them, scan texts with less scrolling and quickly browse websites. Also, the 18:9 aspect ratio, QHD+ resolution, and Dolby Vision offer a superior picture quality for a more authentic cinematic viewing experience, perfect for streaming movies without worrying about overages. Data anxiety is a thing of the past.


When it comes to the body of the LG G6, it is clearly to see that it is made of glass and aluminum. I think this really gives the phone a nice appeal when it comes to the quality. It does not by any means feel cheap like some other phones that I have handled. I love that they included the on/off switch on the back of the phone which I have come to really enjoy better than other placements.

Capture That Perfect Picture

When it comes to cameras on phones that is where its all at for me. I take so many pictures it is crazy, and I have come across some of the best smartphones if you like to capture that perfect picture. I actually did a posting just about a couple of phones and the differences in them. You can see that post here. Of course, the LG G6 was not out when I did this posting, but I can say that it would have beaten out my favorite phone for images the Samsung Galaxy S7.

You can capture more of your life with the LG G6’s dual 13MP rear cameras and wide-angle front camera. The wide-angle rear camera has a 125° lens to capture panoramic shots that regular smartphone cameras can’t. The standard camera delivers sharp details and optical image stabilization, so you don’t have to worry about blurry images.

Also, effortlessly switch between the two rear cameras with a smooth zoom transition. This is a particularly great feature for budding cinematographers that want more variation in their shots. Once you have those great photos, Verizon Unlimited lets you upload them to your favorite social media sites or share them with friends quickly, thanks to the blazingly fast speeds of Verizon 4G LTE.

So now that we have the numbers out of the way let me show you some pictures that I took using the G6. Not to mention to can easily make a GIF using the volume control then select GIF in the bottom left. You don’t have to use an app! Just simply share to your social media. How easy is that?

Just imagine all the fun that you can have. All of these pictures are directly from the G6 and have not been altered in anyway so that you can see the brilliance of the photos. I must admit that I am super impressed when it comes to the images that the G6 can take. They are super bright, and you don’t need to clean them up before posting which I LOVE.

The G6 Is Built To Last

So I don’t know about you, but I am hard on a phone. Each year I can’t wait to upgrade. I live my life to the fullest which means that accidents happen. They suck, but it happens. I LOVE that the G6 is really built to last even those moments that would otherwise damage your phone. It passed 14 different military-standard 810G tests, meaning you can take the LG G6 just about anywhere thanks to its water and dust resistant shell. It has an IP68 rating, so it is sealed against dust and can be safely immersed in up to 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes.

I really can’t say enough about this phone in one post, and I could go on and on about everything that I like including the wireless charging! The perfect plan to check out to accompany the G6 is, of course, Verizon’s Unlimited Plan.

The LG G6, with its ability to create high-definition video and audio content, needs a network that can keep up with you this summer when sharing your adventures. Verizon has the unlimited plan you want on the network you deserve.

Rest assured that your photos, movies and special moments are effortlessly shared on your favorite social platform or backed up to the cloud, no matter how many megabytes or megapixels you need to push over the Verizon network. Visit today to learn how you can get Verizon Unlimited for as little as $80 for a single line or $45 per line for four lines, plus taxes & fees, when you enroll in Auto Pay.



In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.

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