How Do Medicare Supplement Plans Differ From Medicare Advantage Plan?

The entire basic problems that are facing by the people who hold Medicare plans, has come to an end. Medicare supplement plans are able to solve your crux in no time. Medigap plans have constructed by keeping in mind about the people’s complete solution. It gives a total ten options with different facilities to choose among them.

When do Medigap plans work?

Medicare supplement plans don’t bear the total cost of medical expenditure. It will only pay the cost what your Medicare plans don’t give. The insurance policy designed as coinsurance of original Medicare plans.

If you have Part A and Part B Health insurance plan then only your Medigap come to an action. Information must be noted that Medigap doesn’t work with Medicare plan part C.

Medicare Advantage plans 2019

What are the differences between Part C Medicare and Medicare supplement plans?  Find out at

  • Medicare Part C is a private insurance policy authorized by Medicare but Medigaps are fully private insurance policies.
  • There are seven basic facilities in Part C where Medigaps offer ten plans.
  • Part C or Medicare advantage service offered by some selected HMO. But Medigap covers almost all hospitals and doctors who have joined the services under Medicare part A & B program.
  • Part C is an advanced facility provided by Medicare but it doesn’t cover your out-of-pocket cost. Where Medicare supplement plans the main goal is to cover extra costs that don’t provide by Medicare insurance policies.
  • Sometimes Part C provides drug coverage but Medigap doesn’t. To get the coverage of prescribed drug one must buy Medicare part C insurance if he/she has Medigap.
  • There is another advantage that is provided by Medicare part C which is Medical saving account. Medigap doesn’t have such an account facility.
  • Medigap provides three pints of blood usable only for the medical purpose of the patient but part C doesn’t have this advantage.
  • Medigap provides skilled nurse facility in some of their plans and Part C has a private care in its plan.

There are some of more differences these two plans have. For detail clarification, one must see Medicare supplement plans advisor.

How do you pay the premium?

You have to pay a different premium for Medicare and Medigap plan. These two health insurance policies governed by two different organizations, one is the government another is private. Medigap plans come with both cheap and expensive plans. Medicare Part C is not a cheap policy to buy as it offers many unique advantages which normal Medicare don’t have.