Growing Up Ike: Final Thoughts On The Nutro Ultra Puppy Food


Howdy, everyone! I hope you all are having a beautiful day? I wanted to share with you all my final thoughts on the Nutro Ultra Puppy Food part of the “Growing Up Ike” series. Since I have started Ike on the new food, I have found many changes, for the better. I have done two posts already one discussing the food itself and the other about all the different changes I have seen so far. Make sure to check them out along with the giveaway to win a large bag of Nutro Dog food (your choice).

NutroI have decided to keep Ike on the Nutro Ultra Puppy food, and I will continue to feed him the Nutro brand throughout his life. I am impressed with their ingredients as well as it being a brand that is Made In The USA. Buying food made in the USA is so important to me and I love that the Nutro family really take pride in the product that they are giving to consumers.


I also have decided to feed Ike the Nutro Ultra wet food as well. It has become a habit that I do. I combine both the wet and the dry food to make an even taste treat for the dogs. Not only that but Ike really seems to enjoy the Nutro Ultra! I actually have started to feed my older dog the Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet, so this has become somewhat of a family affair. You can read all about Ricky and his new food here.


I love that the entire Nutro line is available on which makes getting this food fast and convenient. Living where I do most of the time, I have to travel some distance to get the products I need for my animals, and Chewy offers me the convenience of buy what I want when I need it. Having a puppy, it seems that I always need something!

Switching Ike and Ricky to a new dog food brand was honestly not an easy choice at all. I think that if you are considering switch to Nutro or any other dog food you need to take a couple of things into consideration.

  1. Stage Of Life: You would not want to feed an old dog puppy food nor the, other way around. There are stages when it comes to a dog’s life, and it is important that no matter the stage that the dog gets what it needs. Nutro offers a TON of different types of food perfect for any stage and lifestyle. My older dog is not as active as he used to be so I decided to go with the Limited Ingredient Diet vs. other types. He also has a very sensitive tummy. Ike, on the other hand, needs different vitamins and proteins to help him grow into a healthy boy one day.
  2. Commitment: Once you have decided to switch food, you don’t want to do this very often, which can lead to an unsettled stomach. You want to make sure that you are committed to purchasing this food for this particular stage of life. I like the fact that I can buy Ike his food on, so I always have it on hand without worrying about going to the store and them not having it in stock.
  3. Know What You Are Switching To: You want to understand the ingredients in the dog food and their effects on your dog. The Ultra is something that I consider high-value dog food because everything that Ike might need is included in the food. This helps me to know that I am giving him what he needs. I also like that it is a product of the USA.
  4. Stay Social: This is something that you may not consider but stay connected on social media with the brand that you have chosen such as Nutro on their Twitter and Facebook. Why might you ask? Well, there are times and not saying that it will certainly happen when a dog food is recalled, or an ingredient/formula is changed. Most likely during a recall, the company will share information via social media to their followers. You want to be on top of this information at all times.

In conclusion, this has really been a pleasure to do. I am honestly, impressed with the Nutro Ultra Puppy food as well as the Limited Ingredient that I am not feeding Ricky. Both dogs seem to enjoy the food which makes the switch that much easier. I do hope that you check out the Nutro brand and consider using it with your animals, but always take some time to think out your decision before taking action. Each dog is different, and only YOU know your dog the best and what he needs in his life.


In my product postings, most of the products have been received free for my honest review. I will always give my honest opinion. All images and posts are property of Hello Betty.

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