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By 4 m read

School Time Fun With JBL: The Perfect Dorm Room Accessories

Music. It is something that I have always enjoyed and something that I need in my life. I have always been one of the few that is actually more productive when I listen to music. No matter what I am doing cleaning, working on a blog post, studying, or even just relaxing I have some kind of music playing. Today I wanted to share two great options from JBL to …

By 3 m read

Rethink The Drink With Bibo Barmaid

Happy, Happy Friday!! I should be more excited about Friday but this week has been super long. How about you? Today I wanted to share an innovative must have for your home if you enjoy having cocktails with friends, having the newest tech, or just enjoy a drink after a long day. It is called Bibo Barmaid, and today I finally whipped out this bad boy to have a mid …

By 3 m read

Verizon Ups the Ante: Introducing the Rewards Program that You Really, Really Want!! Exclusive Lady Gaga Experiences

So just image for a second. One pod, two dogs, me, and Verizon. We go together like three peas in a pod 😉 I fell in love with Verizon more and more every month so much that I switch to Verizon myself and it was the best decision that I have made. You asked, and Verizon listened. You want a rewardsprogram that’s simple, personalized and gives you real value and …

By 1 m read

Simply Voila

So I have been trying to think and think about what to name this posting. I thought of “the perfect night’s sleep,” “Nothing Simple About It” and “Simply Voila.” I chose the “simply Voila” because I think after sleeping on the Voila mattress that it is simply perfect. I have tried many mattresses in my short life because it always seems that after a few nights or even the first night I need a hip replacement, not to mention my boobs! Most of you know last August I finally had my boob job. I am still tickled to death, but sleeping has become a problem since because I just can’t get comfortable. So let me tell you why this mattress is simply perfect.

By 3 m read

A One Stop Shop For All Your Pet Needs BJ’s

Hello, everyone! So it has been awhile since I posting about dogs and amazing products to check out (really it was just last week, but it seems like a long time). My dogs and I are like three peas in a pod. They get everything and anything they would need, and I get all the love I can handle. …

By 2 m read

Ladies And Gentleman Start Your Grills With The Long-Burning Briquets

Howdy, everyone! I hope that you all are having a beautiful day. I have started another venture in life, so postings will not be as frequent, but I am still here trying out products. The other day I had a chance to check out the new Long Burning Briquets from Kingsford. This year, Kingsford launched new Long-Burning Briquets, designed to keep backyard barbecues burning 25% longer than ever before. Long-Burning …