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Move Over Bon-Bon’s R.M. Palmers Is Here!!

Howdy, everyone! I hope that you are having a beautiful week. Today I wanted to share with you some great sweet treats for mom. There are certain holiday’s that I think moms just need to sit down, forget the gym and relax a bit with their favorite movie while the kids (and hubby) make mom feel pampered. Below I have made a little guide …

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BUG-A-SALT Passion Obsession

Ok. So you know that I love interesting new products and this one for mother’s day takes the cake!! It is called Passion Obsession┬áby BUG-A-SALT and this is freaking cool if I must say. It is designed for the woman that loves to look “fly” but does not like them in her home.

Passion Obsession

Salt Has Never Been This Sweet (PRNewsfoto/BUG-A-SALT)

Salt has …

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Taking A Bite Out Of History With GODIVA Chocolate’s 90th Anniversary Collection


As I sit here nibbling on the new GODIVA Chocolate’s 90th Anniversary Collection, I wish I could sprinkle the love that I have for this box throughout the world. Ok. That was cheezy but, this collection is amazing. You might not be familiar with GODIVA history so let me give you a brief over view of this brand that we have fallen in love with. 

GODIVA Chocolate's 90th Anniversary Collection

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iHere 3.0 Not Just Another Key Finder

ihere3.0keyfinderThere are so many different key finders out on the market today. That help you find your keys or phone, but the iHere has a bit of a twist to it that I love. First off, let me tell you a bit about the iHere 3.0. iHere 3.0 is a Rechargeable Bluetooth Key Finder that helps you locate and keep track of your personal belongings.

The iHere 3.0 was the …

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Keep Calm And Find Lost Items With Ease


As organized as I try to be in life, I am always losing things. It happens to everyone. The lost remote, your child’s favorite toy, your purse or cell phone. Now there is an easy way to help you find lost items with ease of those items that always seem to go missing. It is called Tile

At Tile, they believe that technology, …

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Dazzle and accessorize with ViVI Jewelry

Jewelry is a big part of every woman’s life, whether they want to admit it or not. Finding those perfect pieces that go with a particular outfit can, at times, be a chore. I love bold statement necklaces and bracelets that can really stand out from the crowd. When I first started looking at ViVI jewelry, these were the things that I had in mind, while looking at …