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By 3 m read

Are Your Mornings In A Rush? The Perfect On The Go Snack & Coffee

Happy Happy Joy Joy! LOL. Today I was thinking about Ren and Stimpy, weird I know, but as a child and still to this day I love that show. I need to get me some R&S pops! Well, that had nothing to do with anything but, today I wanted to share with you the perfect companion for your morning rush. Most of us just don’t have time to eat a …

By 3 m read

Rethink The Drink With Bibo Barmaid

Happy, Happy Friday!! I should be more excited about Friday but this week has been super long. How about you? Today I wanted to share an innovative must have for your home if you enjoy having cocktails with friends, having the newest tech, or just enjoy a drink after a long day. It is called Bibo Barmaid, and today I finally whipped out this bad boy to have a mid …

By 3 m read

Edamame Spaghetti From Explore Cuisine

Howdy, everyone! I hope you are all having a beautiful day. Today for lunch I had the chance to try out a new product from  Explore Cuisine, and I must say that I am impressed. The Edamame Spaghetti is the perfect addition to my menu for a couple of reasons, but the biggest reason for me is the plant based protein!

By 2 m read

Ladies And Gentleman Start Your Grills With The Long-Burning Briquets

Howdy, everyone! I hope that you all are having a beautiful day. I have started another venture in life, so postings will not be as frequent, but I am still here trying out products. The other day I had a chance to check out the new Long Burning Briquets from Kingsford. This year, Kingsford launched new Long-Burning Briquets, designed to keep backyard barbecues burning 25% longer than ever before. Long-Burning …

By 4 m read

Five Must Have Dorm Room Snacks & Drinks

Hello, everyone! Keeping with the theme this week and helping those heading back to college in the fall I wanted to share five must have dorm room snacks and drinks. Each of these is some that are new to me and some that I have snacked on for years. Each product has been tested, and I found that these are my top five after trying several and when I say …

By 2 m read

True Lemon Seasoning & Drink Mix For Every Dorm Room

True Lemon has always been in my pantry because well frankly, it has a wonderful taste. I love all of their flavors and the fact that they offer seasonings as well is why I think this is the perfect addition to any dorm room this semester. You might not have noticed but True Lemon offers a huge variety when it comes to flavoring water which is the biggest use for …