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You are viewing Father’s Day Gift Guide 2015

By 3 m read

MyQ Garage: The Perfect Addition To A Home

In an age when everyone is always on the go, people tend to like to find items that they can add to their lives to make life that much simpler. Having a smart home is often not in everyone’s budget but there are products out there that can actually advance your home instead of purchasing a costly system. MyQ Garage is one of those products. MyQ Garage is …

By 2 m read

RedHead Nano-Tex Twill Shirts for Men

Do you have a man in your life that might be on the messy side? When I mean, messy, do they tend always to get something on their shirt? Whether itdownload be food or just plan “who knows what that is”? I have one of those men in my life, well two actually. Both my husband and my father always seem to get something on their shirts. It never …

By 4 m read

Give Dad A Gift Of Free TV

Free TV would be a dream for most people in today’s world. As the cable, bills tend to rise each and every year, more and more people are leaf-ultimate-2_3looking for alternatives like Netflix and Hulu to watch their favorite programs. One alternative to the most obvious is an HDTV antenna. Many tech-savvy dads look to products like this so that they can watch their favorite live sports, news, …

By 5 m read

As Seen On TV Father’s Day Roundup

As June 21st approaches, and everyone gets ready to celebrate Father’s Day, some of you sill might be confused as to what to get dad this year.As_seen_on_TV.svg Like I have said, Father’s Day for me is the hardest holiday for me. I struggle all the time to find something for my Father unless he lets it slip what he wants. he he he. As with any holiday, I like …

By 2 m read

Urban Armor Gear: Designed by adventure seekers for adventure seekers

As we all head out this summer and take our phones with us, we need to make sure they are protected. Unfortunately, I had a recentUAG experience with my phone and case that I thought was protecting my phone. I had (I will not mention any company names) a $100.00 case on my iPhone and one night I sat it down on the tile floor to pick …

By 3 m read

Imagine. Discover. Begin With Glow-ology

When one thinks of pampering themselves for whatever reason, women always come to mind. Being pampered is Glow-ology For Father's Daycross gender and even men love to get a little pamper me time. Glow-ology is a luxury bath and body line that give options to those that are environmentally¬†friendly and socially responsible. Formulated for sensitive skin, Glow-ology was created to inspire and to feel positively beautiful with …