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America’s Most Pet-Friendly Companies Revealed

By 4 m read

I wanted to share this little article that came across my email today because I think being able to bring your pet to work is an amazing thing! I love to see so many companies that offer their employees this option. Below you will find the full article and list.

At home, Fido …

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Growing Up Ike: It’s All About The Toys

By 0 m read

Howdy everyone. As most of you know for the next couple of months I am running a series “Growing Up Ike”. Sharing our journey from puppyhood to adulthood. Today I wanted to talk about toys. Most of you would think that all dogs know how to play right? Well, …

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National Pet Week: Take Care of Your Pet with These Must-Haves

By 3 m read

This week was National Pet Week and I wanted to share a couple of Must-Have items. I have not tried any of these yet but they do look amazing. Make sure to check out the blog in the next several weeks for posts on each of these as I will be testing them out. I think my favorite is the Snappy Snoozers! I know my dogs just adore their beds.

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The Scoop on Your Dog’s Poop

By 2 m read

Personalized dog food brand Just Right® by Purina® is encouraging dog owners to take a closer look at their dog’s poop in an effort to understand more about his overall health and potentially help prevent some health issues down the road. Based on the shape, color and consistency of a dog’s stool, pet owners may need to talk to their veterinarian.

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Let’s Talk Dog Teeth Shall We?

By 5 m read

As most of you know I love my babies (Ike is finally growing on me and calming down). Ricky is about ten years old so he is older than Ike but promoting healthy teeth is so important no matter the stage of the dog. Ricky has had many issues with his teeth and actually has …

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