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You are viewing 2016 Holiday Tech Guide

By 4 m read

Perfect Gifts For Gamers And Tech Lovers

As most of you know, I LOVE tech! I eat, breath, and sleep everything tech. Something new comes out, most likely I have it, or I will be getting it. That is just my life. One thing that I love to do is find the best deals on tech items and this year has the low down on what people want and where to find great deals. …

By 1 m read

Windy Day and Need To Light A Cig? Check out Plazmatic X

I do have one nasty habit that I have tried to kick for years, and that is smoking. I understand that it is not good for your health and is just gross to the ones around you. One problem that I have when I am out and about is lighting my cig during a windy day.

Plazmatic X

It can become so windy here in the mountains …

By 2 m read

Portal WiFi Router Designed For Todays Enviroment

Howdy all, I hope that you are having a beautiful week so far. Today I wanted to take the time to discuss what you are using for your WiFi Router and how Portal might be the perfect option for you. Have you ever noticed that you might not be getting the speed that you pay for when it comes to your internet? Many factors can affect the performance  …

By 2 m read

It’s A Snap With ScanSnap

Staying organized through the holiday season and in life, in general, is so important. One thing that my family uses constantly is our ScanSnap from Fujitsu. ScanSnap is the leading scanner on the market today and are designed to help people live a more productive, paperless and efficient lifestyle.


The ScanSnap iX500 is their flagship desktop scanner with built-in in Wi-Fi. …

By 2 m read

Iron Man Smartphone Stand From App Dudes

Come on, who doesn’t like the Marvel Avengers? Coming from a real closet geek I just had to share a new product that I came across on the web. It is called the Iron Man Smartphone Stand. How freaking cool is that right? Not only is this a smartphone stand but when used in conjunction with the app your stand comes to life!


So what …

By 3 m read

Stay Connected During A Power Outage & On The Go With APC Back-UPS Connect

Winter is here. In the mountains of North Carolina, that means power outages. They are no fun! We have all been there huddled in our comfortable clothes with the snow blowing, and BAM out goes the lights. What do you do? You can only play that board game so many times (let’s be honest). This is where the APC Back-UPS Connect 84VA Battery Back-Up System comes in handy.