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Windy Day and Need To Light A Cig? Check out Plazmatic X

I do have one nasty habit that I have tried to kick for years, and that is smoking. I understand that it is not good for your health and is just gross to the ones around you. One problem that I have when I am out and about is lighting my cig during a windy day.

Plazmatic X

It can become so windy here in the mountains …

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Howdy everyone. As we all are preparing to head out for the holiday season most of us will be heading away from the comforts of our home and venturing to friends and families. Sometimes this means heading away from chargers you might have at home, and this is where the RAZORPLATINUM from myCharge comes in handy.


Let me set the scene for you. …

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Skip The Marketing Bullsh*t And Check Out Beau’s

I have always wanted to have a posting title that included the word “bullshit,” I have small goals, but it is fitting for this posting. Today I would like to share with you a new subscription box just for men, by men who love smelling good.


Made in the U.S.of A. and based in LA – we’re fashionable, well-groomed dudes, but don’t spend hours …

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Timberrrrrrr: Cut The Cheese This holiday With The Cheese Log

So as most of you can tell from my last couple of posting, I LOVE FRED & FRIENDS’. They have the best little gifts and party accessories that just make the best conversational topics. Today I would like to share with you one more idea on how to dazzle your guests this holiday season. One thing that my family and I always have around the home is cheese and crackers. …

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Watchitude Slap Style Watch

So I know all you 90’s kids out there know what a slap bracelet is right? Well, Watchitude is bringing them back in a big way. They have taken the beloved slap bracelet and made it into a beautiful watch, and this girl right here is so freaking excited.


When this email came across my desk, my eyes light up like a …

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Relax On The Coolest Picnic Rug

So today it is actually beautiful outside. We had a bit of snow last night, but things have really warmed up. I have been trying so hard to get this posting done but really wanted to take pictures outside because this has to be the coolest picnic rug ever!! It is from The Monster Factory and is the VW Blue Picnic Rug. When I say it is freaking …