Growing Up Ike A Puppy Story Part One: Nutro Ultra #Giveaway


Howdy, everyone! I hope that you all are well. About four weeks ago I brought home Ike. He is a Bullboxer Pit, and I am not going to lie somewhat of a HUGE handful. Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to be sharing techniques that have helped me not only train him, train myself but share with you products that I am using along the way with most of them coming from

Getting a new puppy is a wonderful experience but it is also challenging, and you must be prepared for what awaits you. Ike was born on Christmas Eve of 2016, so he is still a little tyke and growing quickly. The first thing that I wanted to talk about in my Bringing Up Ike series is food. Food is the first step in raising your new pup successfully and giving him the vitamins that he needs to grow. Have you ever looked at all the available brands of Puppy food out there?!? OH MY! There a lot.

Why I chose Nutro Ultra Puppy Food

There are actually three things that I do when considering a new food for a puppy or dog. The first is to see where the food is made. I am a stickler for purchasing foods that are made in the USA because well, honestly, I just have more faith in those food products for my dogs than others. Nutro Ultra, my choice when it comes to puppy food is made in the good ole USA, and it is family owned and operated. Nutro headquarters is actually located in Franklin, Tenn and has several other facilities around the US.

After I see where the food is made I next look at the ingredients list. You might call me a snob, but when you are a puppy mommy or daddy, you have to look at what is in the food.  You need to know what your dog or puppy is eating! The first thing that I come to when reading the Nutro Ultra is chicken. There is no corn, gluten, wheat or soy in the Ultra Puppy food which is a huge bonus.

The last thing that I do when considering a dog food is look up reviews. Yup. Even though I am a review blogger, I still look up reviews when it comes to dog foods, and I consider all the reviews just not one. This is important because no two dogs are alike when it comes to their digestion and how well they will handle a certain food. I also like to look at the dog food site itself, in this case, Nutro. I like to look at other products they offer as well as what their philosophy is.

Ninety years ago, we pioneered natural pet food. Today and for the future, we are setting a new standard: NUTRO. FEED CLEAN™

Feeding Your New Puppy

Feeding your new puppy is super simple. It is going to be the simplest thing that you do, and now that you are ready to start feeding your new puppy their new Ultra food it is time to consider a couple of things. Switching out dog food is a little bit of a process, and in my opinion, it is important to slowly change out a dog food. This is much healthier for your dog and will not cause an upset tummy along the way.

I fee Ike twice a day, once in the morning when he gets up (about 4′ o clock still, ugh) and then again at night (around 5:00). I have did this with Lucy and Ricky, so I just stuck with the routine. Ricky is an older dog, and I don’t want to mess up his schedule more than it already is with the new pup. During each meal, I put a bit of the new Ultra food in his bowl and slowly change to the new food.

I am not only using the dry Ultra Puppy, but I am also using the Ultra Holistic Superfood wet food. I have always supplemented a bit of wet food with the dry food just to make it a bit more tastier for my dogs. Ricky always seems to enjoy a bit of wet with his dry food, so I tried it on Ike, and he loves it!

So far and it has only been three days since Ike started his new Nutro Ultra Puppy food wet and dry he is really liking it. I have not noticed any negative results in switching out the food such as diarrhea. Which is a huge bonus in life! I have three other posts coming that I will update you with Ike’s progress using the Ultra food as well as any changes I might notice. I also will be including a little handy printable in my next post so be on the lookout.

You can find the Nutro Ultra Puppy food on (both wet and dry). I highly recommend checking out Chewy for all of your pets needs. Not only do they have a variety of products for your pets but you can also choose auto ship so that you don’t have to remember to reorder. Trust me with life as fast paced as it is Chewy understands that!
Nutro giveaway


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