If you are still looking for the perfect Easter treat this year, check out Bauli Authentic Italian Croissants. These are perfect for snacking or sticking in your Easter baskets. Bauli started out with Principessa Mafalda.jpghumble beginnings when, Ruggero began as a baker’s boy in Verona, learning traditional Italian and Habsburg baking techniques and recipes. In 1927, Ruggero decided it was time to hop a steam ship to America to find his fortune, and that he did. What is amazing is that he was one of the few survivors off the Principessa Mafalda. This was considered the “Italian Titanic”, where over 300 passenger and crew were killed. Surviving this devastating disaster, Ruggero went on to employ over 40 people in his new endeavor. Through out the years one thing Bauli never set aside was their commitment to authentic Italian goods and providing the perfect treat for their customers.


Today you, can buy Bauli Croissants and Croissant mini’s, perfect for the entire family. All Bauli products are baked in a REAL oven to ensure superior taste and quality. When I received the package from Bauli, I was super excited to try these babies out. I have always been a fan of the croissant. The moist, fluffy perfectly baked croissant. That just melts in your mouth. That is exactly what Bauli is offering, but with a special little treat inside. They offer three fillings inside their croissants, vanilla custard, chocolate and Cherry Jelly.


I have never been one to count calories very often, but if you are a calorie counter, they also have the perfect solution. Bauli offers a croissant mini,  that are automatically portion controlled at just 50 calories a pop.


Any of the Bauli Croissants would be a perfect addition to your snack time. Even as an adult, you must have a snack time. I will admit, I have about three a day. 🙂 From Bauli’s humble beginnings, to what the company is today, you can’t doubt their commitment to their product and the high standards they  have placed upon themselves. As I was eating my last Vanilla Custard croissant, I had to think what if Ruggero did not make it off that ship? The world would have truly missed out on a great product on one great croissant.



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