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Fisher Space Pen The Ultimate Pen

I don’t know about you, but I am always without a pen when I need one. When I am in a restaurant and see someone I have not seen in years, and I want to get their contact info, I am scrambling to find a pen. We have all been there. Most of the time I use little clutch purses when I am about and a normal sized pen just either does not fit or takes up too much room. This is where the Fisher Space Pen Bullet Pen has become the ultimate pen.  It is compact when the pen is…

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How A Blogger Uses Stock Photos & You Should Too

Howdy everyone! So when I can’t sleep at night, I rummage around the web looking at different things (mostly shopping). Last night was was in full blown blog mode. Yup, it was kinda awful. Since my BA I have not been able to sleep well, back just hurts something awful, so I look around the web at beautiful blogs. Reading them, picking them apart, and loving most of them. Today I thought I would share with you how a blogger uses stock photos & you should too. Below I am also going to have a rundown of my favorite places,…

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Nixplay Wifi Cloud Frame Seed Edition

Don’t you just love sharing pictures on social media? I know I do! It is so much fun to share adventures with family and friends but what if you want to share those images in your home? Printing out pictures is sometimes costly, then you have to purchase beautiful frames right? What if I told you there was a better way to showcase your family photos? It is called the Nixplay Wifi Cloud Frame Seed.   Nixplay Seed WiFi Cloud frames allow you to stay connected with loved ones through photo sharing, while also adding a touch of personality to your…

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4 Things That Are A Must When Traveling From ADATA

Hello, everyone. I hope that you are ready for an amazing week. I am over here prepping to head to this year’s New York Comic-Con, and while I have begun getting my tech together, I thought it would be a great helpful guide for my readers. Since I am a blogger but even if I was not these four things are a must when traveling if you like to stay connected.  When it comes to traveling there are really important things that I always have to have, besides the staples like clothing, makeup, shoes, and so on. Staying connected is…

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Bring A Little Fun Into The Office With World’s Smallest

  I don’t know about you, but I have to have some fun while I am working (trying to work). My office is full of everything that I love including toys. Yup! You heard me right, toys. I enjoy collecting different toys including Funko Pops and now my new addiction, World Smallest! World’s Smallest are some of the BIGGEST and most CLASSIC toys you know and love. They are back with the same working functions as the original in the smallest sizes ever created! These tiny toys are the perfect accessory for your work desk! They add a dash of character…

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